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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I make a reservation using my phone or mobile device?

We provide a mobile version of our website to enable customers to purchase tickets using thier mobile devices.

Do you offer connecting service between bookacoachticket.com routes?

We provide connections between our routes. Please ensure you allow for sufficient time between connections if you are booking onward journeys as part of your travel. We can not be held liable for any failure to connect with an ongoing journey due to a delayed or cancelled bus.

How far in advance can I make a reservation?

Reservations can be made for journeys a number of weeks or months in advance of departure depending on the service.

Will I get a confirmation for my reservation??

Yes, you will receive a confirmation of the reservation on your email address once the reservation is finalized on our website.

How do I change my reservation?

Amendments can be made to bookings that were made online as long as it is more than 24 hours before departure.

What happens if I miss my scheduled departure?

Our customers are required to be at their departure point at least 30 minutes before their selected journey is scheduled to depart (except London Victoria where you are required to arrive 60 minutes before departure). Credits will be given in instances where customers miss the bus and reservations can be changed on our website up until 24 hours prior to departure.

How do I book another journey if I missed my departure?

If you missed your departure and need to book another journey, you will need to go through the standard booking process, using our website booking engine or calling our sales line on +44 750 241 7217.

How do I pay for my journey?

Once you have selected your journey(s) and clicked "pay for journeys", you will be taken to a secure payment page provided by our trusted and secure online payment processor.  Simply select your card type and enter the necessary card details as prompted to make your payment. Payment for reservations can be made using most major credit cards, including Visa, and MasterCard. Please note that some credit card issuers and banks may charge for transactions made outside your geography (international transaction fee). These fees are charged by your card issuer/bank and not by bookacoachticket.com. Please check with your card issuer if you are unsure, as bookacoachticket.com cannot be held liable for any such charges.

I haven't received my confirmation email, what should I do?

Please ensure that you have provided us with a correct and valid email address at the time of booking.  Please check your email address for the confirmation email also on Spam section. If, however you do not receive anything within an hour or so of your transaction, then please email us at godwin@bookacoachticket.com. Please be aware that although we do try and answer the enquiry emails the day after we receive them if we receive a high number of emails we cannot always guarantee it, so please give us as much notice as possible to reissue the tickets out to you. Or you can call us on +44 750 241 7217.

If I change my reservation, will I have to pay anything in addition?

If your new journey is more expensive than the original one, you will need to pay the difference between the two fares. If the new reservation is cheaper than the original reservation, we will offer you a credit that can be used against future bookings.

What is my reservation number?

Your reservation number can be seen on your booking confirmation page and reservation confirmation email and SMS message (where requested).  You should make a note of your reservation number for travelling and we recommend that you print or hold on a mobile electronic device a copy of your booking confirmation page or email, including details of your reservation number.

When I search my desired journey, it is not offered?

This may happen for a couple of reasons. If the journey can be selected from the departure/origin points but there are no available dates, it may be that the journey has sold out.  If the departure/origin points do not appear it may be that we do not presently offer a service on the route you require.  However, we are always keen to hear about suggestions for new routes so please let us know!

Do I need more than one ticket to travel?

You will need only one printed reservation confirmation or ticket for your journey.

Do I get a ticket to board the coach?

After completing your payment, a booking confirmation will be sent to your email address which represents the ticket for boarding.


What do I give the driver of the coach?

Your confirmation email will notify you of who you must give your ticket to. You will be required to give a copy of your ticket to the driver of the coach.

How will I recognise my coach?

You will receive details of the coach in your confirmation email after you have completed your reservation.


Can I take food and drink on my journey?

You are allowed to take food and drinks that have a lid on board.

Can I take my bicycle on board the coach?

They must be stowed in dedicated areas of the bus and are carried subject to space. Folding cycles can be carried on any bus as hand luggage, provided they remain folded for the duration of the journey.

Can I take my pushchair on the coach?

Pushchairs can be taken with you but must be folded up and put in the hold while travelling.

Can I take my skis/snowboard on the coach?

You may be able to bring your skis/snowboards provided they are in suitable protective packaging. However, we do not have any special rack for carrying skis/snowboards and they will be carried in the hold of the coach with other normal items.

What can I carry in my luggage?

You may not carry articles or substances onboard our services that are capable of posing a risk to health, safety, property or the environment. These include, but are not limited to, firearms, explosives, frozen food, live animals (except for guide dogs, hearing dogs or helping dogs), gas cylinders, flammable liquids and solids, poisons, radioactive materials, raw meat products, infectious substances such as bacteria and viruses, corrosives such as mercury, acids, alkalis, and wet-cell batteries. If in any doubt, please contact our customer services prior to travel.

What constitutes a small piece of hand luggage?

Your hand luggage must safely fit on your lap or under the seat in front of you.

Can I take my dog on board the coach?

You may not carry on board any live animals (except for guide dogs, hearing dogs or helping dogs).

Do you have toilets on the coach?

You can view details about the coach by clicking on "View Coach Details"

Do you have wi-fi on the coach?

You can view details about the coach by clicking on "View Coach Details"


Why register for an account with bookacoachticket.com?

Registering an online account allows you to review future reservations and store details, making repeat bookings even faster.

Can young persons and children travel unattended on the coach?

For international journeys all children 15 years or under must travel accompanied by an adult with parental authority or a duly authorised passenger 18 years or older.

What do I do if my luggage is damaged?

If your luggage has been damaged as a result of negligence of the bus provider please contact our customer services in the first instance.  Insurance is purchased by the carrier in accordance with our legal responsibility. All legal liabilities to third parties, to include damage to property and personal injury, are covered. There is no insurance cover provided for loss, damage or injury where the carrier providing your service has not been negligent. 

What if I forget my password?

Visit our Login page and select the Forgotten Password link to reset your password.

Can I change any of my account details?

Yes, simply log-in and select Personal Information from the top menu bar. Make any necessary adjustments, and then save your changes.

Can I get a refund if I cancel my journey?

Once completed, bookacoachticket.com reservations cannot be cancelled. However, alternative travel arrangements may be offered.

Can I get a refund for a cancelled or delayed service?

For cancelled or delayed services alternative travel arrangements will be offered.

How do I make a complaint?

Please send your complaint, in writing, to Info@bookacoachticket.com, stating the nature of the complaint and include all relevant details.  We will aim to respond to your complaint within 24 hours.

The website is not working properly, what should I do?

First, please try refreshing your browser.  If the site is still not functioning properly, please e-mail info@bookacoachticket.com or call our customer services in order to report the problem and we will look into the issue immediately.

How do I find out if my journey is cancelled or delayed?

For the most up-to-date information relating to service cancellations or delays, please check the 'Service Information' section of our website and/or our Facebook and Twitter pages.

How do I book a journey?

To search for and book a journey, simply use our "search" box, which can be found on the website bookacoachticket.com. Select your departure and destination points. Select the dates you would like to travel, before clicking "search". You will then see a list of journey results for your selection criteria. Once you are happy with your journey selection, click "add To basket". You can then proceed to payment through our booking process. If you are travelling after midnight, please ensure you have selected the correct date of travel.